Who, What, Where, When and Why?

So I’ve been meaning to start blogging for a long while now, I think the main reason as to why it is taking place now and not then is solely down to nature playing it’s course and me wanting to get myself to a position where I am able to provide the community with the same quality of support, that I found was available to me when I was starting my journey.

I’ve been working within IT collectively for 8 years now, although I have always had a passion for technology. The primary focus of this blog is to provide an insight into the full life cycle of UC and in particularly Microsoft Lync and it’s dependencies.

I am currently an MCSE: Communication working in a Pre Sales Technical Specialist role, but my enthusiasm and drive often propellant me to all areas of the product, from deployment right through to training end users.

Hopefully the the blog serves it’s purpose, if I can help one person out of one of those “hair pulling” situations, my job is done 🙂


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