Lync for Mac 14.0.9 Released!

One for the Mac users out there:

Here are some of the issues addressed within 14.0.9 (Please read the release KB for more information):

  • E-911 support implemented
  • Location Awareness (LIS server for location) implemented
  • Substantial improvement in Desktop Sharing (~10x throughput improvement)
  • Ability to select video camera for calls (can change camera while in a      call/meeting)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Warn users that contact list can’t be edited for UCS contacts
    • File transfer now works in all scenarios
    • Audio stutter fix when using 44100 sampling rate devices
    • Fix QOE blob so that QOE metrics are captured correctly at server
    • Bridge ACP calls so that Lync for Mac meeting experience will see ACP users in roster
    • Anonymous join now works
    • Top few Watson crashes fixed
    • CVC version now has consistent numbering in Lync for Mac

Check out the Office Blog for more information!


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