Lync Mobile – Now Add Contacts (iOS/WP)

Now please someone correctly if I’m severely behind the times with this one, but whilst having a play around with Lync Mobile running on iOS I noticed a new section appear in my contacts list, added by as well as a notification in the contacts section;

Added by Section

Added by Section

Contact Notification

Contact Notification

I am easily pleased….

so when contacts add you to their contact list, as does the Desktop client, the mobile client now also provides you with notification. Expanding the group obviously shows you who has added you;

Who has added you?

Who has added you?

selecting the contact and pressing the small three dots as highlighted below will give you the following options;

Adding Contact

Add a contact to your contact list

Managing Existing contacts:

Existing contacts

Managing Existing Contacts

Finally! – Does anyone know when this was included, I am aware that android users have had this capability for a while now. To confirm, yes it is in WP too.

FYI, I am running the following;

  • iOS – version 5.7
  • WP – version 5.9.1359.0
  • Options\Settings > About

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