Skype for Business Server 2015 In-Place Upgrade

Good News – Skype for Business Server 2015 RTM components have been released!!

Bad News for some – VLSC\MSDN Subscription required at the moment ūüė¶

As I haven’t created a walkthrough post yet, I thought there would be no better time to get one on the board and kick off with my experience whilst migrating Lync Server 2013 to Skype for Business Server 2015.

Now an unfortunately a lab demon haunted me (in the form of a Windows Update to Server Technical Preview) on release day (1st May) that completely killed my lab, I did have mirrored databases along with persistent chat and an OWA farm deployed and it would have been interesting to see the Persistent Chat process.

For the purposes of this walkthrough this is what I will be starting off with:

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Skype for Business – Windows Fabric Dump and Trace files stored in File Store

Interesting read on some of the new log locations in Skype for Business, always useful to know – Thanks Martin!

Martin Boam's Microsoft Blog

Since in-place upgrading my Lync SE Front End to Skype for Business Server 2015 im just starting to dig around looking at updates and differences and spotted theres two new folders in my File Store.

  • WinFabDumpFiles
  • WinFabTraceFiles

From looking into the folders it appears to be logs file that i believe used to be stored locally on each server in the following location

C:programdataWindows FabricFabriclogTraces

So it looks like Skype for Business now stores these in the File store instead which is great i had seen on a few occasion the log files eating alot of disk space.

This is going to be great when troubleshooting so looks a great move.

Lets have a little look in the folders.


Current the WinFabDumpFiles is empty.


The WinFabTraces has a 1-1 folder


This then contains server name of the FE


Under the servername is

  • Bootstrap
  • Fabric
  • Lease


Bootstrap ‚Äď Has a number‚Ķ

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*Issue* Lost Data When Migrating from Lync Server 2013 to Skype4B

Microsoft released KB on Saturday 2nd May via its FAST PUBLISH process, so clearly there is some urgency behind this patch.

So what’s the issue?

As we know, when migrating from one pool to another, to maintain scheduled conference IDs we leverage the Conference Directory structure (in addition to SQL).

Prior to KB3062801, if administrators leverage the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell to complete the conference directory move to a Skype for Business pool, there is the potential for data to be lost, which will not provide a pleasant experience to your end users.

How can you fix it?

Apply May 2015 CU Update for UC Managed API to all servers within your estate, this will allow for management of the conference directories, using Lync Server 2013 Management Shell.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes – use the Skype for Business management shell to move your conference directory – not the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell! ūüôā

Skype for Business Server 2015 Server Components Released

Friday 1st May was a very good day for the Unified Communications community, particularly if you are pro-Microsoft, as Skype for Business RTM components released to MSDN/VLSC customers. Keep an eye out for a constant steady stream of new information as Microsoft Ignite is also currently underway – so a lot of information will soon be going from NDA to public domain classification – I can already see the blog posts currently in draft mode ūüėČ

Learn Skype for Business Today!

….Well not exactly Today, but Microsoft do have an upcoming Webcast series that appears to be focussed more so towards end users and the actual usage of the Skype4B client. It appears that sessions will be repeated so do not be thrown off by 1am sessions, see below for the timetable and registration links;

Session / Registration Link Date
Get Started – Collaborating with Skype for Business (SKP005CAL) 21st April 2015 @ 4PM GMT
Go Further – Presenting and Organizing with Skype for Business (SKP006CAL) 23rd April 2015 @ 4PM GMT
Get Started – Collaborating with Skype for Business (SKP007CAL) 28th April 2015 @ 7PM GMT
Get Started – Collaborating with Skype for Business (SKP007CAL2) 29th April 2015 @ 1AM GMT
Go Further – Presenting and Organizing with Skype for Business (SKP008CAL) 30th April 2015 @ 7PM GMT
Go Further – Presenting and Organizing with Skype for Business (SKP008CAL2) 5th May 2015 @ 1AM GMT
Get Started – Collaborating with Skype for Business (SKP011CAL) 6th May 2015 @ 5PM GMT
Go Further – Presenting and Organizing with Skype for Business (SKP012CAL) 7th May 2015 @ 5PM GMT
Go Further – Presenting and Organizing with Skype for Business (SKP014CAL) 13th May 2015 @ 5PM GMT
Get Started – Collaborating with Skype for Business (SKP013CAL) 14th May 2015 @ 5PM GMT

Risual Event – Skype for Business ‚Äď Are you Ready?


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Skype for Business, are you ready? 

Everyone is talking about Skype for Business, why? How does this impact your business?

After the success of our Skype for Business webcast, we have invited Microsoft down to our offices in Stafford to discuss the main changes to you. The event will enable you to discover the changes to your business as well as the overall technical changes. We will be providing a free lunch and a unique networking opportunity with break out session for both public and private sector organisations in the afternoon.   

Event summary

 РAn in depth look at the exciting new changes and what these mean for your organisation

– Breakout sessions for Private and Public Sector including case studies, customer speakers, demo sessions and round table discussions

 РA unique opportunity to network with similar sized organisations from both sectors

In order to secure your place, please click on the RSVP link and we will do the rest!

09.00 ‚Äď 09.30: Arrival and refreshments
10.00 ‚Äď 10.15: Introduction
10.15 ‚Äď 11.00: Skype for Business what does it mean for your business?
11.00 ‚Äď 11.45: Guest speaker Leigh Smith ‚Äď Microsoft
11.45 ‚Äď 12.30: Guest speaker Gill Furlong ‚Äď Essex County Council
12.30 ‚Äď 13.15: LUNCH
13.15 ‚Äď 14.00: Technical update
14.00 ‚Äď 14.15: Refreshments and networking
14.15 ‚Äď 15.00: Breakout sessions – choice between Public Sector or Commercial session
15.00 ‚Äď 16.00: Refreshments and networking
16.00: Event close



28th April 2015


risual House,
Parker Ct,
Staffordshire Technology Park,
ST18 0WP

Find us with Bing


risual House
15 Parker Court
Stafford Technology Park
ST18 0WP

0845 6800077





Skype for Business TechNet Library

….is now live!

For those that like a bit of midnight reading, you will be pleased to know that the TechNet library for Skype4Business is now live (Published 9th April).

Included so far are the Planning, Deploying and Managing libraries. On the home page is also a summary of resources which is also a useful page to keep bookmarked (as well as my page here of course!)

The Library can be found here. Have fun! ūüôā

Installing the Skype for Business Client

First and foremost – RIP Lync ūüė¶

For those that have missed it, Microsoft have now released the Skype for¬†Business client,¬†KB2889923. Although the Skype for Business Server 2015 server components haven’t been released yet, we can still use the new clients against Lync Server 2010 or 2013.

In this post, I will be running through the client experience, when using the new client against a Lync Server 2013 Pool, as well as the experience when changes are made to the client policy switch parameter, EnableSkypeUI.

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Skype for Business Workload Posters

As we approach the general availability date for Skype for Business, there is definitely an increase in the rate of technical content publication.  One resource that was priceless for understanding the traffic flows in Lync Server was the workload poster!

If you like your diagrams, you will be happy to hear that Microsoft have now released the Skype for Business Server 2015 Workload Poster.

Including within the PDF or Visio downloads are the following workloads:

  • Instant Messaging and Presence (including high level sign in process)
  • AV Conferencing (which now includes the Video Interoperability workload)
  • Application Sharing
  • Enterprise Voice
  • Certificate Requirements
  • Central Management Store Overview and Replication Traffic Flows
  • DNS Requirements

Silk is also now referenced where applicable in audio media flows!

#Skype4B Architecture Updates

My previous post provides a direct download link to the content I will be referencing in this blog post, the purpose of this post is to summarise the content whilst at the same time adding my opinion to the “improvements”.

So if you are anything like me you will be counting down the days to the upcoming #Skype4B webcasts, to which I received confirmation on my attendance for all sessions! (Lucky boy aren’t I?!).

Now for the content…

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