Lync Mobile Update

Continuingly introducing improvements to Microsoft Lync Mobile, a further update was released yesterday introducing improved Lobby Controls and Gallery View functionality. See the following link, download from the respective App Store.

Gallery View for the blog post

Update Roundup! (CU5 + Clients!)

Apologies for quite a delayed response, I have just returned from a visit to Bodrum (very entertaining and lively) so currently playing catch-up to life!

Whilst I was away, several updates have been released, which are summarised below:

1. Lync Server 2013 CU5 and Supporting KB Article

Of significance, is the inability to install CU5 on any Lync Servers that have only the Core Components and/or Administrative tools installed, as pointed out by Greg in this post Lync Server 2013 CU5 OcsCore Update Fails and also confirmed by Microsoft in KB2993188

2. Microsoft Lync Client KB2881070 (15.0.4641.1000) kb article and 32bit/64bit packages



List of resolved issues:

Additionally, this update resolves the Lync 2013 issues that are described in the following KB articles:

Known Issues:




Lync Room System – June Update 15.10.0

I’m lucky enough to have hands on time (for quite a while now) with the Large Smart Lync Room system. I do plan on doing a full review, so keep an eye out for that.

For those out there with LRS deployed, you will be happy to hear the latest updates have been released, taking it now to version 15.10.0.

LRS Console Screen (SMART)

Firstly, a more subtle change, but the version numbering is no longer in the Major.Minor (15.XX) format. Microsoft have now opted for a more granular approach, now formatting the version numbers as per the image below (15.XX.XX)

LRS Version Numbering

Secondly – ROOM PC VIEW….

We now have the ability to constantly stay connected to a laptop device, which may sound like a simple thing to do, but without understanding the way LRS works prior to 15.10.0, its usefulness will be taken for granted.

In prior versions, when connecting a laptop device to the Lync Room System, the display was automatically output and it would be solely down to the laptop OS to control whether the screen was displayed or not.

Now whilst attending the laptop this may not be a problem but consider the scenario where a client may wish to permanently connect a given display card to LRS and control the whether or not to display that device from LRS, without travelling to separate rooms to do so. Microsoft have released Room PC View, which allows us to do exactly that.


What Room PC View does, is allows administrators to optionally display a new button on the LRS Console, that allows for the connected display device to be displayed (or not) all from the LRS Console Screen. In the image above, the button is greyed out as I do not have anything connected to the HDMI/VGA input.

Following the updates – don’t forget to turn it on under the admin settings!

LRS Admin Settings

Important – If the update is to be deployed via SCOM – LRS must be joined to the same domain as per the below KB article.

I see many functional reasons as to why this would be required, if you have been using, or have used LRS – let me know what you think!

REMINDER: AOL Federation Changes


On June 30 2014, Lync’s IM connectivity to AIM though Microsoft’s current service will no longer be available.


Between now and June 30, 2014, you do not need to do anything to continue to support federated communications between your organization and AIM.

For customers requiring connectivity between Lync and AIM beyond June 2014 or your organization requires provisioning for additional domains in the interim, a substitute service is available directly from AOL. For more information on this, see AOL’s dedicated site:

Lync for Mac 14.0.9 Released!

One for the Mac users out there:

Here are some of the issues addressed within 14.0.9 (Please read the release KB for more information):

  • E-911 support implemented
  • Location Awareness (LIS server for location) implemented
  • Substantial improvement in Desktop Sharing (~10x throughput improvement)
  • Ability to select video camera for calls (can change camera while in a      call/meeting)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Warn users that contact list can’t be edited for UCS contacts
    • File transfer now works in all scenarios
    • Audio stutter fix when using 44100 sampling rate devices
    • Fix QOE blob so that QOE metrics are captured correctly at server
    • Bridge ACP calls so that Lync for Mac meeting experience will see ACP users in roster
    • Anonymous join now works
    • Top few Watson crashes fixed
    • CVC version now has consistent numbering in Lync for Mac

Check out the Office Blog for more information!