Skype for Business Mobility App Released

We were teased with the inclusion of an introduction screen in a recent update to Lync 2013 Mobile for Windows Phone, but as of Monday 6th July, version 6.0.1430.0 has been released – Skype for Business for Windows Phone.

Skype4B Intro Skype4B Version










At the moment, it seems to only be available for Windows Phone, with pretty much the same features, with an updated UI as it seems, but I will update if and when I find any differences, also as and when the iOS and Android apps are released – Happy Monday!



Lync Phone Edition Devices – Not updating

During a recent engagement, I had ran into an issue updating the firmware version on Lync Phone Edition Devices.

I initially kicked off with checks around DNS, Certificates, Ports and everything checked out but phones would still not update.

Test Devices had been configured correctly (using serial number and one using MAC) – still no joy.

The IIS logs are extremely useful; Jeff Schertz has excellent blog posts on Configuring LPE for Lync and Updating LPE devices which go into reviewing the IIS logs. In summary, it enables you to confirm whether devices are communicating with the device update site running on within the front-end pool, or in our case – NOT.

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Lync for Mac 14.0.9 Released!

One for the Mac users out there:

Here are some of the issues addressed within 14.0.9 (Please read the release KB for more information):

  • E-911 support implemented
  • Location Awareness (LIS server for location) implemented
  • Substantial improvement in Desktop Sharing (~10x throughput improvement)
  • Ability to select video camera for calls (can change camera while in a      call/meeting)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Warn users that contact list can’t be edited for UCS contacts
    • File transfer now works in all scenarios
    • Audio stutter fix when using 44100 sampling rate devices
    • Fix QOE blob so that QOE metrics are captured correctly at server
    • Bridge ACP calls so that Lync for Mac meeting experience will see ACP users in roster
    • Anonymous join now works
    • Top few Watson crashes fixed
    • CVC version now has consistent numbering in Lync for Mac

Check out the Office Blog for more information!

Lync 2010 Client now supported in LyncOnline

Microsoft has recently updated it’s client support for Lync Online, which now includes the Lync 2010 Windows Client. This is a significant piece of Information, particularly for migration scenarios and the client rollout process. A lot of demand has been made within the community for this, so I’m sure it will be very much welcomed!

Client Requirements

Microsoft Lync 2010 desktop client must be version 4.0.7577.4419 (or later) released in January 2014, as described here: